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Young dog her new family member!

In our dog family we have puppies and young dogs. If you want, you can meet our dogs for the first time as a puppy and decide on your new family member. You are welcome to choose the nickname yourself. Then we raise your puppy and train it for you. We are always happy to provide you with tips and tricks. If necessary, you can also visit us for a training vacation. You can find details in the section "Amar Labradors-Traings Urlaub".

Our young dogs make it easier for you to enter the world of dogs. They're also great for working couples, families with children, or the elderly. Why? All of our young dogs live in packs and live in our house for a month before they are released. They are very well socialized, are trained regularly by us and have very good basic obedience. You can stay alone, wait quietly in the box, walk both freely and on a leash and make a seat and take a seat on command. They know what waiting means, listen to their names and obey the callback. Our dogs respect your rest periods, can ride in the car, are familiar with walks in the busy city and with the traffic. Our young dogs wait patiently in front of the food, behave calmly when visiting restaurants and visiting the vet are also no strangers to them. On command, they hand out snacks and walk on various surfaces, such as lattice stairs and a walkway. If necessary, we train the young dog in accordance with your needs and in the desired language.

So that you get off to a good start with your young dog, we accompany the reunification. When you pick up you will receive a day's training that includes:

  • Demonstration of your dog's obedience skills

  • How to practice obedience training with your dog

  • How to use body language instead of strength

  • Training on leash

  • Car ride

  • City walk with encounters with people and dogs

  • A visit to the restaurant

We look forward to your visit and would be happy to introduce you to our dog family. You are also welcome to get to know the parent animals and look over our shoulders as we work. You will find out how much we care about our work and our dog family.

Please plan enough time for the pick-up day, it is best to stay overnight on site so that there is enough time for the training. If you need accommodation, we will be happy to provide you with our guest apartment.

On our YouTube channel you can find a few videos of training and exercise walks.

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