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Amail of Amar

Amail is very beautiful and feminin. With her puppy dog eyes you can't deny her a thing. She would love to be pampered all day long.
On the road in the city, she loves to look at motorbikes as if they were her greatest passion. In the pack, she proudly runs around with her piece of wood and always waits patiently for the daily program. She takes the training seriously, is very cooperative, obedient and learns quickly. It balances very well with her lively temperament.


Ashra of Amar

Ashra is a very elegant female. Her clear, beautiful eyes will amaze you. But she's also a little clown. She fills us with feelings of happiness and always makes us smile when she walks towards us carrying her orange wheel in her mouth. She likes to please everyone, never gets intrusive and deliberately avoids any dog ​​discussions. At the river she enjoys her time with us to the fullest. With her unique elegant gait she passes us and proudly poses everywhere.

Cate of Amar

Cate is a dream in black. She's an impressive beauty. Because of her calm and pleasant nature you can only love her.

In the pack she shows herself confident and stands with great determination to see what is going on. She still has backing from her mother Helen. The two stand and sit side by side and are one heart and one soul. On the route in our car or in a café, she immediately lies down and relaxes as if it were her everyday life.



Whiteness  is our lady in white. In the pack she is always there but without pushing herself into the spot light. She is frugal and patient. With her brown eyes she enchants everyone. She will be a mother for the first time soon and we are excited to see how she will master this new task. She loves being cuddled and spending time with us.

Kelly of Amar

Kelly is our little charcoal treasure. Fritz immediately fell in love with this bright and lovely girl. Later on she should also become a mom. Until then, we enjoy Kelly and her sister Kiss to the fullest. The two of them accompany us during on the first round of work in the mornings and love join us for a coffee at Café Barli.


Ranee of Amar

Our white Love ...


Sue of Amar

Sue of Amar is a daughter of Tina. 

Olivia Redfox Labrador.JPG


Oasis ist unsere Hunde Mamma in redfox. Sie ist eine fröhliche Natur immer gut gelaunt und guter Dinge mit allen Hunden. Sehr anpassungsfähig im Rudel. Sie bewältigt alles ohne Vorurteile und Angst, im höchst erdenklich Positiven . Apportieren ist ihre Leidenschaft. 

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