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Our current young dogs

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Kenny of Amar

Xandra of Amar

Xandra is an intelligent, strong character and very lovable Maitle. She adores you endlessly with her amber eyes. She is of a beautiful, tall, athletic stature. Your attention at work is impressive. She loves to play with her mother Hailey. In the pack she is not impressed and behaves evenly and lovingly. She likes to explore on the forest walks, but comes along like lightning on demand.

The wonderful parents are champagne Mamma Hailey and chocolate Papa Bootz.

Xandra has found her new home and especially enjoys her time with the children in the garden.

Anker 1

Kascha of Amar

Kascha der tollpatschige Knuddelbär. Aus dem Wurf von champagner Mamma Zaira und stolzer redfox Papa Yukon. Kascha ruht in sich und gibt im Geschwister Rudel Sicherheit und den Ton an. Apportieren ob Stock, Stoffbärli oder Seil und schnüffeln fürs Leben gern. Er ist der grösste vom Wurf.



Thank you very much!!!

Dear dog owners

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the limitless love, the warm-hearted care and the infinite patience to set limits for your four-legged friend.

The dog of your heart will make you laugh anew every day, fill you with love and enliven your soul with magical moments.

Eternal thanks to Müller

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