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Our loyalty to duty

We breed dogs that have a wonderfully balanced, good-natured temperament. They are beautiful, typey pedigree dogs that are not too stout. Because it is our duty to breed with healthy dogs that are suitable for breeding.


In order to maintain suitability for breeding, the dogs are x-rayed at the age of 18 months for hip dysplasia (HD), elbow dysplasia (ED), knee joint disc (PL) and various genetic examinations, such as progressive retinal atrophy of the eyes (PRA), exercise induced collapse ( EIC). You can see the test results of our dogs with us.


We ensure a species-appropriate, healthy diet that is adapted to the growth phase. Read more under nutrition.


The dogs and puppies are always integrated in our general everyday life.

We go for walks in the forest and across meadows, in our park and in the hall we train with individuals and in packs. Car trips to the river with swimming fun and city walks are also on the program. We also take them to encounters with horses and cats, with crowds in the village and in the city, in the pizzeria, with cars and mopeds. Here, too, we pay attention to the age of puppies and young dogs.


The puppies are handed in with:

  • Microchip and EU passport

  • Health check at the vet with certificate and 1st vaccination, where you get to know the second vet

  • Pedigree / ancestral pass. Here you will find information about the parents, grandparents and other ancestors who are listed

  • Customs documents

  • Regular deworming until delivery

  • Parasite protection adapted to the season

  • Barf food

  • Odor cloth

  • Feeding plan

  • Recommended dates

Hunde Fell schnüffeln

Dear future dog families,

Surprised by the many inquiries, on the one hand pleased and on the other hand frightened, we moved to this letter.

We call our Labradors: we love dogs because we breed them with respect and love. It is important to us to find a kind and loving home for each and every one of our dogs. It is just as important to us to find the right home - the chemistry between everyone has to be right. During this time it is not always possible to get to know each other on site, so we use letters, phone calls, photos and video calls for contact and mutual exchange.

The reactions and the many visits to Amar Labradors during this time and in the past few years touch us very much and confirm our approach. Corona is currently changing all of our lives. The current situation should not be the deciding factor in getting a dog.

A dog needs a lot of training, patience, love, attention, periods of rest, care, exercise regardless of what is happening around us. It is a challenge that you should be aware of and not give up at the first hurdle, but rather show perseverance. Please think long and carefully whether you will be able to find enough time for a new family member after Corona - when normal everyday life has returned. A dog should never be a spontaneous decision. A dog will want to be a loyal friend and companion to you every day for 15 years. We are always available for questions.

When choosing your puppy or young dog, the most important thing is to introduce your fur nose in everyday life and listen to your heart and he will give you a sign. During this time it is not always possible to visit the puppies so the many photos and films will help your puppies to find them. We are always available for support with our experience, be it before, during and after the purchase of your beloved four-legged friend.

We thank you very much for your trust and look forward to staying in touch personally. Petra & Fritz love dogs

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